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overwhelmed adj : rendered powerless especially by an excessive amount or profusion of something; "a desk flooded with applications"; "felt inundated with work"; "too much overcome to notice"; "a man engulfed by fear"; "swamped by work" [syn: flooded, inundated, overcome, overpowered, swamped, engulfed]

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  1. past of overwhelm

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Overwhelmed is the fourth album in the Worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church.

Album details

Overwhelmed is the first Hillsong Church album in the Worship series that is fully studio-recorded. This album marks a transition in the series from being a collection of worship songs taken from the Hillsong Live albums to studio-only releases of all-new material.

Track listing

  1. "Simply Worship" (Steve McPherson & David Moyse)
  2. "Hear Our Prayer" (Tanya Riches)
  3. "No More Than a Heartbeat" (Reuben Morgan)
  4. "Overwhelmed" (Darlene Zschech)
  5. "You're in My Heart" (Morgan)
  6. "Jesus, Our Lord Jesus" (Russell Fragar)
  7. "Let Your Kingdom Come" (Fragar)
  8. "Grace" (instrumental; Moyse & Paul Iannuzzelli)
  9. "Keep Falling in Love" (Scott Haslem)
  10. "Spring of Life" (Paul Ewing)
  11. "The Lord Is Good" (Morgan)
  12. "Abba, Father" (Zschech)

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